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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  March 4, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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alone in a field a symbol of hope in an area decimated by a powerful tornado. a toddler found in a fields near her destroyed house has died. >> people was running out with their flat screen tvs their clothes. >> grabbing as much as they could while an intense fire spreads from house to house. a historic event for the first time a sitting is really president visits the bay area. why per he is here and what president obama says about attacking iran she was considered a ray of hope in the midst of destruction from the deadly storms in america's heartland. a 15 month old girl is dead. feather found the toddler this
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a field. today she was taken off life support. that makes it 39 deaths across 5 states from friday's storms. the focus now is on cleaning up and putting lives back together. >> reporter: there's still no power and no heat at st. francis xavier catholic church in henryville. but at morning mass parishioners made sure there was music. the father spoke of healing. he toll had this congress games has a choice hope or despair. >> we can choose to begin anew to see this experience as the end or a new beginning. >> reporter: starting over will take time. the national weather service reports two tornados hit henryville friday afternoon. one of them a powerful e f-4 on a scale of 5 with winds in
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excess of 165 miles an hour rakes the ground for some 50 miles. today crews pulled into town repairing power lines and clearing up wreckage. insurance agent lynn murphy carter was hard at work too. she's been meeting with customers at the business her father started. >> everybody's like family. i didn't want to cry but i love my people. i love everyone lake they are my neighbor my brother my sister. >> reporter: right now her priority is helping people take care of their homes. >> we're going to be okay. you know, there's people that aren't going to be okay because there's nothing we can do about that. the ones of us who are lucky enough to be standing i think are going to be okay. >> reporter: donations of food, water and clothing have poured into this community and hundreds of volunteers are now helping with the clean up efforts. henryville indiana.
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21 adults and 7 children forced out of their homes following a fire in the bayview district. the fire started at 9:30 last night spread to three other buildings. what may have started the fire. >> it was inferno. it was about a hundred feet high. >> reporter: when a fire breaks out in a home so close to others, everyone on the block senses the danger. >> the fire was so intense you can feel it, and i was across the street. you could feel the fire. >> reporter: it started in this home at around 9:30 last night on oak dale and quinn and spread to three other building before firefighters were able to get it under control just after 11:00 p.m. more than 2 dozen people are out of their homes. >> people was running out with their flat screen tvs their clothes anything they can carry in their hands. >> reporter: in addition to the four buildings that were damaged in this fire, even the church next-door was affected. they had to cancel services today because of all the smoke in the air. >> you know i'm shook i
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couldn't sleep all night. >> reporter: emotionally this fire took a toll even for people whose houses are okay. no one was physically injured. >> i feel for these people that lost their house. >> reporter: the house where the fire started appears to have been empty. >> my understanding it has been abandoned for i believe has the last couple of years. >> reporter: neighbors say squatters might have been living there. it's all part of the investigation, but unoccupied buildings carry risks of their own. >> well that is a fire hazard. number one the housekeeping hasn't been done. a fire can start in there. and then also the fire is actually spreading. this building's not occupied. >> reporter: in san francisco ann m cbs 5. tough talk about iran nuclear ambitions from both president obama and she monday peres. erased in the bay area. >> reporter: the president's
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visit comes as israel's most powerful advocates mount a campaign to pressure president obama to take a harder stand on iran. she monday perez was sheared in washington before he speak to the public affairs committee it comes on the eve of president obama's meeting with ben midge n. although perez he seemed to set a harsh ten for the monday meeting. >> iran's ambition is control the middle east so it can control a page part of the world's economy. it must be stopped and it will be stopped. >> reporter: per he is expected to be in san francisco this evening an historic event. >> over 2,000 people are going to go to temple emanuel to hear president peres speak. >> reporter: with the diplomat's tony says u. s. and
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israel are on the same page with iran. >> we call for tighter sanctions and for more diplomatic activity of the international community to make iran stop its nuclear program. >> this is always our first option, but if we forced to fight trust me we will prevail. >> reporter: ment peres édifferédifferents with israeli leader. he told an israeli newspaper he opposes a pre-ismtive strike to take out iran another nuclear capability at this point in time. >> already there's too much loose talk of war. over the last few weeks such talk has only benefited the iranian government by driving up the price of oil which they depend on to fund their nuclear program. >> reporter: while president obama continue to support efforts to stop iran's nuclear
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ambitions republicans and pro israel supporters want him to go forward. >> now is not the time for bluster now is the time to let our increased pressure sing in. >> reporter: peres will visit silicon valley and meet with high tech leaders he's expected to sit down with mark zuckerberg to launch his facebook page. peres will take questions from users around the globe. >> don, thank you. the drama continues tomorrow in the domestic violence trial of san francisco sheriff as jury selection begins. the case has gained national attention. he faces misdemeanor charges for allegedly grabbing and bruising the arm of his wife ileana lopez. former latin soap opera star denies the allegations against her husband. the jury pool is more than twice the usual number because
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the case is so high profile. police are on the hunt for whoever shot a man and ran over him. officers responded to a shooting on l 8th avenue at 3:00 this morning. when they got there they saw several cars take off. officers found a 51-year-old man who had been shot in the head. he had also been run over by a car. the unidentified victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the mills bury police department is no more but it doesn't mean the criminals are off the hook. just after midnight the san mateo police department took over the police department. the movies aimed at saving the city money an estimated $7.1 million in the first year. the 14 sworn officers will still serve the milburn area while partnering with current sheriff employees. >> i think i would prefer to have our local police department but if we don't have the funds in the city coffers
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then it probably makes sense to turn it over to the sheriff's department. >> all services done will remain there with the exception of vehicle maintenance. thieves have pilfered copper wiring leaving a long stretch of a north bay neighborhood in the dark. police say more than 8,000 feet of copper wiring was discovered stolen in santa rosa friday morning. street lamps on fountain grove way were without power. the thefts likely occurred at night and police are asking you to report suspicious behavior. one bay area city could soon put new limits on the use of leaf blowers. burlingame already has restrictions on how loud leaf blowers can be and times of day they can be you've. but city officials say public feedback shows some people want more restrictions. tomorrow the city council discusses the possibility of further limiting leaf blower use to certain days and times.
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remembering legendary guy arist ronnie montrose. he died last night. montrose formed his own band in the 70s. he also played with sami hagar herbie hancock and van morrison. no official cause of death but montrose has been in declining health for some time battling prostate cancer. he was 64 years old. it's a requirement that supposed to keep thousands of people a year getting run over rear view cameras on cars. the federal government is delaying the mandate to have them installed. lava swallows the final home in a neighborhood in paradise but it comes as no surprise. it may sound too good to be true chocolate good for your heart. a new study that may have you headed for the candy i'll. what a gorgeous weekend all around the bay but we have cooler temperatures just ahead. i'll look at your 7-day
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forecast coming up.
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protest the high cost of education. they've mar . occupy oakland protest, are headed for the state capitol to protest the high cost of education. they marched more than 70 miles over the past several days and they are camping out at uc davis tomorrow they will finish the march to sacramento this group will be joined by a number of other bay area groups bused to the state capitol. it's expected to bring an estimated 10,000 protesters urging education reform. fewer than 2 days until super tuesday and latest rasmussen polls show the republican presidential race is still anybody's game.
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last week rasmussen showed santorum is leading romney. tonight a new rasmussen poll in tennessee shows element identical. santorum 34% romney 30. in both states santorum had a substantial lead in polls taken two weeks ago. several states in a dead heat the candidates were criss- crossing the country campaigning this weekend. 419 delegates at stake in 10 states. right now mitt romney has the most delegates. but as drew levinson reports super tuesday could be a game changer. >> reporter: the gop frontrunner went to georgia sunday where he served up pancakes and promises. mitt romney again ignored his republican rivals and attacked president obama. >> he's been in office for three years. i'm still waiting to hear what his jobs plan is how he's going to make america more competitive how he's going to
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put us back to work. >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates on super tuesday and it's newt gingrich territory. the former house speaker served the state and congress for 20 years. he says it's a must win. >> i think you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best repudiate you. >> reporter: rick santorum also expects to do well in the south but says he and beginning rich are after the same conservative voters. >> it's always harder when you got two conservative candidates as we've seen in washington and some of the other states we have the anti-romney vote if you will. both beginning rich and i are out there slugging away. >> reporter: santorum and romney are locked in a tight race in ohio a key state tuesday because it's a general election battleground. a new nbc poll show santorum leading romney by just 2 points. ohio is one of 10 states up for grabs tuesday with more than 400 delegates at stake. republicans could see their
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nominee emerge from these contests or could once again shake up the race. drew levinson cbs news. >> it took 30 years but finally lava from a hawaiian volcano has taken out the last home in a subdivision on the big island. take a look at this lava blanketed the road in front of jack stomp son's property snaking through the trees and incinerating everything in its path. the tin roof on the hard ended black lava rock and a water tank are all that's left of the home. the kilauea volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983. caught on camera a key part of argentina's named glacier is gone several large chunks dropped off. it's a major tourist attraction in the argentine pat gone ya. this is the fourth time in four years a portion has fallen off.
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the glacier moves 5.5 feet a day. elizabeth winger is here with a look at the week ahead. >> what a gorgeous weekend. we saw widespread 70s. plenty of sunshine. things are going to get cooler. overnight you're going to be in the 30s and 40s. we can l also see patchy foggy specially in the north bay. tomorrow temperatures are actually going to be 10 degrees cooler than what we saw this weekend. partly cloudy sunny skies. upper 50s to upper of 0s. we'll be lucky if we squeeze out any 70s. satellite radar telling the story. high pressure remain in effect. that's what's keeping us so dry. future cast tells a slightly different story. monday night into tuesday overnight hours things start to get a little unsettled 3:00 in the morning on tuesday. we could see some light rain. anything we do get it's not going to be much i don't think it's going to impact the
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tuesday morning commute. and by tuesday afternoon once again it looks dry. your overnight lows tonight in the upper 30s to mid 40s. 46 in oak lapd. 42 in concord and 42 in valley 0. you'll notice the temperatures are quite a bit cooler mostly in 60s. 60 in san francisco 68 in vallejo and 63 in oakland over the next couple of days once again partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies across the bay tomorrow. and overnight monday into tuesday we are keeping a slight chance of some light rain all across the bay area. mainly in the overnight hours and then it really starts to cool down once again on tuesday. dry and cool on wednesday and then a slight warming trend through the rest of the work week and cooler once again by next weekend. that's a check of weather back to you guys. >> elizabeth thank you. every year thousands of
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children are killed or injured because someone backing up didn't see them. they are requiring all rear view cameras. the new rule is still expected to be in place by the end of this year. >> reporter: two-year-old cameron gill branson was killed in his own driveway in 2002 when an suv backing up ran him over. the driver was his own father pediatrician. >> i was naive. i was a pediatrician going over home safety for children when they are born watch out for extension cords and watch out for all the little things and keep your cabinets locked i never told them to get a camera. >> reporter: drivers and larger vehicles killed 448 children in back up accidents between 2006 and 2010. more than double the previous five years. cbs news transportation safety
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analyst explains how the accidents generally happen. >> it's called the bye-bye syndrome when in fact children will run out to say good-bye to their uncles to their parents, to their grandparents and the drivers did not see them. >> reporter: rear view cameras are standard on 45% of 2012 passenger vehicles from luxury sedans to this honda c-rv which sells for $22,000. >> even a small suv like this honda has a big blind spot. in the side view mirror all clear nothing in the review mirror either. but if i actually back up right now look what that risk behind the suv the stroller right in the blind spot, which is easy to see with this rear view camera. for a 5'8" driver the average rear blind zone is 13 feet long for a midsize sedan 19 feet long for large suv 24 feet long for a pickup truck. the expected federal mandate for cameras in all new vehicles by the end of 20 s 14 is part
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of a 2008 congressional safety reform bill named for. >> i would say to him i'm proud of you you look what you did i've devastated i'm so sorry but did something. >> reporter: the average cost of adding the car camera is under $200. eliminating the rear blind zone could save an estimated 112 lives a year. changing gears a chocoholic's dream. the strongest evidence yet that chocolate can be good for you how it can help your heart.
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efron, . dr. seuss the lore action featuring danny did he vito zach every ron and betty white. the animated show the film tack
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in almost $71 million. the rain che team comedy project x was a distant second. chocolate it's not necessarily good for your waste lane but more evidence shows it can be good for your heart. a any you study shows people who ate chocolate or could cocoa for a few weeks had a dip in blood pressure and improved blood vessel function. believe it or not they also had a dip in insulin levels. observational studies have made these same conclusion there is the past through this was no evidence of cause and effect this is the first time dennis a clinical study was done where researchers watch for changes in blood pressure cholesterol and other heart risk factors. you'll. the frigid cold wilderness in alaska for 8 days that's what 66 mushers are in for in iditarod dogsled race. they will trek a thousand miles
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season title. both teams combined for four technical fouls. second half anthony brown to jared man to big jack trotter for the jam. stanford up 9 the cardinals hang on to win 75-70. women's side mecca finishes 75th street game against a conference opponent. warriors canada game time 58 and look at this. 83-75 is the final. final round of the honda classic roadway mcilroy hung on on the win new number one player not a bad day for the 22- year-old from northern ireland. cactus league. brandon allen made the big flash grand slam four of his 7 runs batted in. subway fresh fit 500. denny hamlin passes brad am
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